Pets Skin and Coat Care

In: Advice Sheets On: Saturday, October 29, 2016


An important part of maintaining a healthy dog or cat is ensuring he has a healthy skin and coat. The amount of care your dog/cat needs will vary, but all pets need a good grooming regimen.


Grooming options to be considered:

 - Check with private pet groomers, your veterinarian or even your local pet specialty store.
 - Reputable groomers are well trained and familiar with the needs of your particular breed of dog. They’ll also clean your dog’s ears and cut his nails.
 - You may choose to groom your dog, or do part of the work yourself with the occasional trip to the groomer. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your dog. Most dogs love the attention they get with a good brushing.

Grooming is important for your pets overall health and happiness. Your pet will be more energetic and comfortable if his coat is free of dirt, matting, and excess hair.


Healthy coat! 

Healthy coat's appearance: A healthy coat will be soft and relatively smooth even on short or wired hair breeds. The coat should be shiny but not greasy, and it should not have a strong odour.

Unhealthy coat's appearance: A dog with an unhealthy coat will have dry and brittle hair with lots of loose hair in the coat. The coat itself may also be greasy or have a dusty appearance and include bald spots and an unpleasant oily smell.

Dogs are content without a bath. "Doggy smell" is mostly caused by a buildup of bacteria and oil on a dog’s coat. Bathing will eliminate this build up. Be careful with "over-bathing." This can lead to dry skin and irritation. Unless your dog is particularly dirty, don’t bathe more than once a month. Also, don’t use shampoo designed for people. Ideally, purchase cleaning products formulated for your dog. 



Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy coat is nutrition. Hair is mostly made of protein. The better your pet’s food, the better your cat/dog’s coat. Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids are particularly good for your dog’s coat. If your dog is showing signs of trouble with his coat or skin, his food may be the reason. 

At Phyto Companion we have developed a number of natural supplements that will help maintain a healthy and problem-free coat and skin of your pet

Phyto Derm:  Innovative, very efficient gel to fight against dog and cat localised skin conditions. 

Phyto anti-Itch: For any skin problems of your animal: dermatitis, eczema, skin allergies, inflammation, skin peeling, dandruff... Even good for his coat.



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