Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your products manufactured?

In France, in pharmaceutical-grade laboratory. Our business is marketing, distribution and customer service in Asia-Pacific region. We ship products to retail customers from Singapore. 


Why amount charged is different from one advertised on your website? 

We operate and sell from Singapore in SGD (Singapore Dollars). If you live outside Singapore and view the page in your home currency, this price will be indicative only (after adding conversion and other fees), the price charged to your credit card will be slightly different dependent on exact conversion applied by your bank, their fees differ as well. In any case we aim to estimate the sales price in your native currency as close as possible, so actual difference should not be big. You can find more info about our Payment Policy here


I ordered yesterday, where is my product? 

Orders in Singapore will be delivered within 1-2 business days via Ninja Van delivery company; orders outside Singapore will be delivered by DHL within 2-3 business days depending on location. You can find more info about our Delivery Policy here.


DHL is charging me with “Import Duty”, should i pay? 

Yes, you should, otherwise they can not make the delivery. Unfortunately, each country has a slightly different “import duty & tax” regime, moreover rules are changing all the time - most however charge zero. We made it very clear at the time of purchase: BUYER is responsible for import duties or taxes in their own countries, if any. We know for sure there will be no duties for orders delivered in Singapore, neither Singapore will levy any taxes on exports. 


How should I administer your products?

 - For liquid products (such as Phyto Joint or Phyto Detox): just take exact dose of the product indicated with dosing syringe (included with each product) and put directly into the mouth of the animal. Alternatively you can also mix the dose with food or put into drinking water for very small pets. 

- For tablets (such as Phyto Joint+ (50 tabs) or Pyto Deworm+ (30 tabs)): just put a tablet into a treat or crush in few pieces and mix in with food. For smaller animals, the tabs can be powdered (e.g. with spoon or fork) before mixing with food. 


Is there alcohol in Phyto Companion products?

All our products have been developed according to strictest rules and with the utmost care. Some of our products use gemmotherapy methods where alcohol is essential for the extraction of active ingredients rom the embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs, but only trace amounts of alcohol are left in the final preparation.


How long can your products be stored?

Normally all our liquid preparations can be stored three months in the refrigerator. If not refrigerated, try to keep it away from light and moisture. The expiry date is printed on each bottle or package. 


How long should I treat my pet?

In general we recommend cycles of about three weeks, however each product comes with its own unique set of recommendations and dosing. In case of persistent problems, our products are plant compounds and can be made continuously. 


Are there any side-effects or contraindications for your products?

No, these plant compounds are manufactured under strict rules and with carefully selected plant batches, they can be taken in addition to any other treatment without side-effects or contraindications. 


Do I have to stop the treatment prescribed by my veterinarian?

Never. Our plant compounds are not drugs, they are supplements and, as such, they cannot and must not replace the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian, unless otherwise advised by your veterinarian.


Can I give more than one products from your range to my pet simultaneously?

Yes, some associations are even recommended as prescribed in our advice and product sheets. Please do not hesitate to ask us as well if in doubt. 


Are your products effective immediately?

No, our products are made from nature plants and not chemicals; hence it can take about six to eight days to see the first effects after starting the treatment.


Can I treat animals other than dogs and cats?

Of course, our range of products specifically developed to take care of all sorts of pets, from the smallest to largest. Only doses to be administered vary with the species and size. It is important that you consult your veterinarian before any such treatment