Phyto Detox - 200ml

Natural complex of plants intended to detox the various emunctories (liver, kidneys...) of your pet.


Great immune system booster after long-term illnesses or general anaesthesia  

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Rich in Cynaric Acid and Potassium, the artichoke is an excellent hepatorenal detoxifier. It is therefore used as a hepatic tonic and detoxifies overburdened bodies.


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has a direct action on the liver cells by regenerating them and fights hepatotoxic substances. It is also haemostatic (it stops hemorrhages).



A leguminous plant that grows against tree trunks like palm-cacao trees in Sierra Leone and in Liberia. A team of researchers has proven the efficiency of Desmodium in severe hepatic diseases.  It is used for its regenerating power and protection of hepatic cells.



An aromatic plant with a perfume of Provence, it is known as a great cholagogue and choleretic, particularly in hepatic diseases. Its antispasmodic action soothes spasms and digestive disorders.


For effective drainage of your animal’s organs, use the following doses.

Dosage: 1ml for every 5kg, once to twice per day.

A vial contains 200 ml of Phyto Detox remedy. Put directly into the animal’s mouth preferably before meals with the help of the dosing pipette provided, or mix it with meals. 


Key features of Phyto Detox:

- artichoke: hepatorenal detoxifier, hepatic tonic

- milk thistle: haemostatic

- desmodium: regeneration and hepatic protection

- rosemary: antispasmodic


Detox your pet naturally: tips and hints

The emphasis is on prevention. Indeed, everything is done to strengthen the physical and mental health of individuals in order to avoid as much as possible the occurrence of disease. "The detox is one of the pillars of prevention."

Helping the body get rid of toxins accumulated over time can optimize organ function, offering a sort of makeover. It is good to note that these toxins are not only the result of poor diet or lifestyle in general. 


We recommend Phyto Detox to clean overburdened pet bodies 

- draining hepato renal

- activate the regeneration and protection of liver cells


Winter-spring transition is usually the best for this cure to rid the body of waste that accumulates more extensively in the winter due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

In dogs, a drainage cure of ten days each year seems a good average. This is long enough to be effective. Also, consider a spa drain for approximately 5 days, after all allopathic treatment, to help the body to eliminate unwanted exogenous substances.

Finally, note that in terms of drainage, it is always better to opt for lower doses.


Gastroenteritis in dogs and cats

As in humans, causes of gastroenteritis are varied. However, it is important to know that while vomiting is not a sign of disease in dogs which physiologically have a propensity for regurgitation. So if your dog vomits once or twice, there is no cause for alarm.

If vomiting is repeated, or if there is bleeding, associated diarrhea, depression, fever, nerve disorders (convulsions, hyperventilation etc) a vet should be consulted immediately. if vomiting is light and there is no bleeding: 

  • Put the dog on a 24 hour in monitored diet
  • Make water available
  • Check the temperature
  • Note the frequency of vomiting and / or diarrhoea
  • Check the book of vaccinations and deworming to be sure they are up to date

In animals whose immunizations are not up to date and in puppies, any  continuous episode of vomiting should also mean calling the vet.



Cystitis is an inflammation of the wall of the bladder which causes pain in the abdomin  during urination. The urine is clear or tinted with blood.

All animals of any age can be helped. Lifestyle, diet and poor hygiene are the usual culprits. The role of owners is to notice that something is wrong, try to relieve very quickly and if the improvement is not forthcoming, consult a veterinarian who can establish the correct cause and further treatment. 


Acute cystitis

Homeopathic remedies and herbal medicine can be effective to relieve the symptoms and given several times a day until a return to normal. Fresh water is necessary as often as possible.

Animals that often have cystitis can be detoxed 8 to 10 days every six weeks.


Chronic cystitis

Or recurrent cystitis. This is due to infections that are located in the upper urinary tract and can cause general symptoms such as fever, tremors and a loss of appetite. Antibiotics (after urinalysis) are effective, but there can be frequent relapses. It is essential to complete a natural treatment when there is no tumour, computation or malformation...

A therapeutic profile does not replace a veterinarian... but it can help your sick animal and gives fast relief, without fear and without a secondary reaction.

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Phyto Detox - 200ml

Phyto Detox - 200ml

Natural complex of plants intended to detox the various emunctories (liver, kidneys...) of your pet.


Great immune system booster after long-term illnesses or general anaesthesia  

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