Phyto Joint Senior - 200ml

This complex of plants has been specially designed to support the animal in its later years. This excellent general tonic acts against physical and mental fatigue, re-mineralizing the bones and fighting against joint pains.

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A magnificent pod from the mountains, it is also called the ‘old age stick’. It is  a general tonic and  a stimulant fighting against physical and mental tiredness.



An indigenous plant, its richness combined with organic silica and potassium can explain its excellent use in all cases where mineral inputs are necessary (rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis) 


Nettle Leaf

An herbaceous plant, whose formic and acetic acids are responsible for its anti-gout and anti-rheumatic tropism. Re-mineralizing thanks to its richness in iron, silica, calcium and potassium, it is used against anaemia (reduction in haemoglobin level in the blood), asthenia (general weakening of the body) and excessive tiredness.



Originating from the vast plains of Siberia, this is a remarkable anti-fatigue, an oxygenator and a physical and mental stimulant. Its root eases physical effort, increases the resistance capacity and recovery after exercise. 



Originating from the south-west of Africa, this herbaceous plant is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic (soothes pain). It highly improves joint mobility and relieves pains. It also helps to eliminate uric acid.



An herbaceous plant from Asia, this is an adaptogen preventing physical and mental tiredness.


It can be used from the first signs of ageing with a one-month renewable treatment. When the animal ageing state is further advanced, this treatment can be taken continuously.

Dosage: 1ml for every 5 kg, once or twice a day.

Each vial contains 200ml of Phyto Joint Senior remedy. It is appropriate for a one-month treatment for an average-size animal. Put it into the animal’s mouth preferably before meals with the help of the dosing pipette provided, or mix it with meals. 


Key features of Phyto Joint Senior:

- general tonic 

- re-mineralizes the joints

- fights against joint pain


Angelica: general tonic

Horsetail: mineral inputs

Nettle leaf: re-mineralizes, fights against anaemia and asthenia

Eleutheroscoccus: anti-fatigue, physical stimulant 

Harpagophytum: anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Ginseng: adaptogen


Old age for dogs

Help your dog to age well: An overall weakening of the physiological functions, mental faculties and atrophic changes of tissues and organs often characterises old age. 

Find the solution to relieve pain. Monitor the age of a dog: although the life expectancy of our pets has increased significantly in recent years thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, better hygiene and a greater knowledge of dietary needs, your role is to help your companion to age well. This requires monitoring the weight, appetite, thirst, the hair, vision, movement, sleep patterns and shortness of breath.

In a way we are "the old stick” to our animals, but no natural treatment will be effective if your senior pets are malnourished, poorly maintained or too sedentary. Avoid obesity at all cost, it is the source of many health problems in your pets. 


Natural solutions for ageing animals

Check the physical activity of your dog. Walks on soft surfaces will be a lesser evil for its joints. Also, avoid intense effort mounting and descending stairs. Swimming is a suitable activity for dogs with osteoarthritis. It is very important to maintain regular physical activity: muscles support joints.

Try as much as possible to keep your dog warm and dry. Indeed, cold and damp can aggravate osteoarthritis. You can also apply warm compresses to the painful joints to relieve the dog's osteoarthritis.

Set up pets living space to offer maximum comfort. Ramps are very useful to help the pet in and out of the car. You can also raise its water and food bowls to prevent animals from succumbing. 


Phyto Joint Senior is one of our bestsellers and is specifically designed  to address these problems.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine are natural treatments that act on the reconstruction of cartilage and serve as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The 6 plants in this complex work wonders. They will accompany your pet throughout its later years by helping to fight against physical and mental fatigue, strengthen its immune system, mineralize its bones and fight against joint pain. It is recommended to not wait until the first signs of age appear before intervening. From 5 to 6 years in large breed dogs it is recommended that the pet has one to two courses of at least three weeks per year, which will help it to retain its mobility.

Your investment in your dog is paramount. He needs you to soothe his or her pain and possible suffering.

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Phyto Joint Senior - 200ml

Phyto Joint Senior - 200ml

This complex of plants has been specially designed to support the animal in its later years. This excellent general tonic acts against physical and mental fatigue, re-mineralizing the bones and fighting against joint pains.

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