Phyto Joint+ (50 tabs)

A preparation fully recommended for soothing your animal joint pains, such as rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis.

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Glucosamine is a molecule that can be produced by the body and whose main role is to take part in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, the key element of the cartilage structure. Glucosamine is obtained from Chitin, derived from the shell of crabs, crayfish, lobsters and prawns. It has several effects, fighting against arthrosis, it delays cartilage degradation, stimulates the production of cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect.



Native from south-west Africa, this herbaceous creeping plant can take root at more than one meter deep.  Here we use its secondary roots.  Extensive medical studies in hospitals have confirmed the great power of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. A clear improvement in mobility quickly comes with its regular intake for animals suffering from arthrosis, arthritis, lower back pains, sciatica or tendinitis.  This plant is much more efficient than some synthetic drugs, though they are largely used instead. 



Just like Glucosamine, Chondroitin is a substance produced by the body, present in cartilages and extracted from the chitin of crabs, prawns, crayfish and lobsters. This is a product rich in mineral silicone important for the solidity and health of tissue. It stimulates the reconstitution of damaged cartilage and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Texturizing agent

Corn Maltodextrin (guaranteed GMO free).


Give the animal one tablet per day for every 20 kg. This intake can be repeated once or twice a day if necessary. It is recommended to take this treatment for at least 30 days and it may be taken continuously for the most severe cases with no restriction. 


Key features of Phyto Joint+ (tabs):

- prevents joint pain

- naturally silicone rich

- no addiction


Muscular problems in cats and dogs

Your dog is limping, and you do not know how it happened. It should first be to determine the affected limb. They say the animal is limping of the left leg when he falls right. Indeed, it limits the support to the painful leg and compensates by relying more on the other.

First, check for a splinter or other small pointed object or a wound may be the cause of this lameness. In this case carefully remove the object in question with tweezers and disinfect the area using impregnated gauze. Once this is done, Phyto Derm (Gel) will help to heal.


If the cause is not obvious, let your pet rest and watch it to evaluate if a visit to your veterinarian is needed. Indeed, severe bruising may be associated with internal bleeding and painful joints may be fractured.

If it is a benign, you can use natural treatments. The first thing to do is to let your pet rest for at least 10 days. The resumption of exercise should be gradual.

Examples of benign disorders:

- breakdown

- contracture

- contusion

- tendonitis

- sprains


Natural care of muscular problems in dogs and cats 

Help your pet to stop the suffering! Phyto Derm (Gel) can be applied to the painful area. A simple massage can be used if the animal likes that.

The plant complex Phyto Joint will certainly relieve these small unpleasant injuries.

These ingredients promise a calming effect, limiting the discomfort and allowing your pet to carry out its daily life with more ease.

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Phyto Joint+ (50 tabs)

Phyto Joint+ (50 tabs)

A preparation fully recommended for soothing your animal joint pains, such as rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis.

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