Phyto Joint - 200ml

To soothe all the joint pains of your animal: rheumatisms, arthrosis, arthritis, lower back pains, sciatica, tendinitis…

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Harpagophytum (Devil’s Claw)

Native from South-West Africa, this herbaceous creeping plant can take root at more than one meter deep.  Here we use its secondary roots.  Extensive medical studies in hospitals have confirmed the great power of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. A clear improvement of mobility quickly comes with its regular intake for animals suffering from arthrosis, arthritis, lower back pains, sciatica or tendinitis. This plant is much more effective than some synthetic drugs, though they are largely used instead.  


Canada Fleabane

From the same family as daisies and dandelions, it grows in dry soil. Used as an anti-inflammatory, it is unique in inhibiting joint, arthritis and rheumatic pains.


Cassis (Blackcurrant plant)

This bushy and fragrant shrub is also called black currant. It is found in central Europe and is very common in the east of France. It acts on bone periosteum and stimulates the formation of red blood cells.  It is also a powerful vegetal tonic, which strengthens the immune system. It is used for chronic rheumatic disorders.


Harpagophytum: anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Canada Fleabane: anti-inflammatory

Cassis: general tonic 


At the first signs of pain, this preparation should be used for a minimum one month treatment. This treatment can be renewed as often as necessary. 

For the most severe cases, the use of Phyto Joint+ (tabs) is recommended in addition to this preparation.

Dosage: 1ml for every 5 kg, once or twice per day.

A vial contains 200 ml of Phyto Joint remedy, and is one month’s treatment for the average breeding animal. Put it into the animal’s mouth preferably before meals with the help of the dosing pipette provided, or mix it with meals.


Key features of Phyto Joint:

- relieves joint pain

- natural analgesic

- formula suitable both cats and dogs


Muscular problems in cats and dogs

Your dog is limping, and you do not know how it happened. It should first be to determine the affected limb. They say the animal is limping of the left leg when he falls right. Indeed, it limits the support to the painful leg and compensates by relying more on the other.

First, check for a splinter or other small pointed object or a wound may be the cause of this lameness. In this case carefully remove the object in question with tweezers and disinfect the area using impregnated gauze. Once this is done, Phyto Derm (Gel) will help to heal.


If the cause is not obvious, let your pet rest and watch it to evaluate if a visit to your veterinarian is needed. Indeed, severe bruising may be associated with internal bleeding and painful joints may be fractured.

If it is a benign, you can use natural treatments. The first thing to do is to let your pet rest for at least 10 days. The resumption of exercise should be gradual.

Examples of benign disorders:

- breakdown

- contracture

- contusion

- tendonitis

- sprains


Natural care of muscular problems in dogs and cats 

Help your pet to stop the suffering! Phyto Derm (Gel) can be applied to the painful area. A simple massage can be used if the animal likes that.

The plant complex Phyto Joint will certainly relieve these small unpleasant injuries.

These ingredients promise a calming effect, limiting the discomfort and allowing your pet to carry out its daily life with more ease.

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Phyto Joint - 200ml

Phyto Joint - 200ml

To soothe all the joint pains of your animal: rheumatisms, arthrosis, arthritis, lower back pains, sciatica, tendinitis…

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