Phyto Derm (gel) - 100ml

Innovative, very efficient gel to fight against dog and cat muscle and joint pain, and against localised skin conditions. 

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Organic Silicone Gel  

This is a non-greasy and virtually colourless gel making it very simple and handy to use, even on long-haired pet varieties. The organic silicon is responsible for the formation of collagen fibers, providing skin softness and elasticity, helping regeneration. This gel is ideal for wiping off skin lesions. By helping calcium fixation, it also allows for a better rigidity of bones and cartilage while optimising their regeneration, even in the case of trauma. It can also be used successfully during localised joint treatment.


Aloe-vera extract

This plant, mainly native in Africa, is used here for its recognised dermatological virtues. Its many components (amino acids, minerals, micronutrients, vitamins) work in synergy to quickly improve many skin conditions. Its bactericidal and healing action is perfect in this gel.


Propolis extract

This resinous mixture made by bees is a powerful, natural antiseptic. Flavonoids have some antibiotic activity providing protection against skin and joint problems faced by our pets. Propolis has been known for many years for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and regenerative tissue properties.


Calendula extract

This annual plant is grown for its ornamental qualities. The petals are useful in the case of inflammations and skin irritations, since their antiseptic and healing properties prevent infection risks and speed up recovery.


Marine Collagen 

This is one of the most important proteins of the animals’ body and it acts like a ‘glue’. It helps with the fundamental structure of many tissues (skin, cartilage, bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles) for which it ensures mechanical resistance. It provides resistance, softness and elasticity. It also helps our pets to overcome many traumas.


This gel can be applied from a young age to all animals, small and large ones alike (including horses). Non greasy and adhesive, it is very simple to use. Just apply the quantity required to cover the area to be treated and massage gently. It may be necessary to renew the operation 2 to 3 times per day in some cases. It is preferable to avoid that the animal licks itself after application to let the gel work properly (however there is no risk if the product is ingested).


Key features of Phyto Derm (gel)

 - Soothes joint pain when applied locally

 - Soothes skin conditions

 - Rich in collage 


Organic Silicon: skin regeneration, calcium fixation

Aloe-vera: bactericidal and healing action

Propolis: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal action

Calendula: healing and antiseptic properties

Marine collagen: ensures mechanical resistance, provides resistance, softness and elasticity 


The care of the coats of dogs and cats. 

In dogs and cats and all mammals, the skin and hair are a reflection of the general state of health. A dull coat, itching, dandruff, redness, crusting, and dry or moist lesions constitute an alarm signal. 


Phyto Derm (gel) can be used if skin problems are too troublesome for your pet. Phyto anti-Itch is an alternative option to cleanse the skin, so each owner can find a solution here!


Warts in dogs and cats

Warts are "neo-formations" of the skin, usually benign, common in dogs, rare in cats. However, you must monitor their appearance, because in some cases they may become malignant.


Eczema in dogs: causes and solutions

To a homeopath, skin ensures exchanges with the environment and its integrity must be respected. It is related to all major organs. Eczema or warts should be monitored, respecting the principle ‘removing the symptom does not cure the problem’. Their cause is unclear, but the breed, age and sex are all known factors (it seems that they are more frequent in males and in certain breeds such as cocker spaniels and boxers).


The opinion of a vet may be essential, and often they will advise you to remove the ‘tumour’ and have it analysed to see if it is benign or malignant: papilloma, cysts, adenomas, melanoma, warts often have the same appearance.


To fight against all animal skin problems, natural  Phyto Derm (gel) is ideal and easy to use. You may think that the use of conventional medicines against itching, such as antihistamines, can bring faster relief that natural remedies. However, it is often realised that these drugs work quickly to relieve symptoms, but they do not treat the underlying problems. In the long term, the immunity of your pet will be further weakened and skin irritation could return worse than before.


One suggestion could be to use anti-histamines in the first weeks of treatment to help your pets skin to fully recover and to allow time for natural remedies to act. After that, gradually decrease the antihistamine and follow the advice above regarding natural remedies. Natural and/or raw food could also help reduce skin itching as experienced by several pet owners. The suggestions above to treat itching can greatly relieve the suffering of the animal, but it takes longer to see results. However, these results are usually long term. So be patient!

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Phyto Derm (gel) - 100ml

Phyto Derm (gel) - 100ml

Innovative, very efficient gel to fight against dog and cat muscle and joint pain, and against localised skin conditions. 

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